Taliban Commander Sends 10-Year-Old Sister to Blow Herself Up

Are these the moderate Taliban, Obama is negotiating with?


Joe Biden kept insisting that we had to negotiate with the moderate Taliban. Question for Joe, are these the moderate Taliban you're looking for? (via Religion of Peace)

The ten-year-old sister of a Taliban commander has been arrested wearing a suicide vest, it has been revealed. Soldiers arrested the girl named as Spozhmay moments before she had planned to blow up local Afghan police.

The girl is being detained in Helmand Province and is thought to be one of the youngest recorded would-be suicide bombers to survive.

She was arrested on Sunday night in a remote village called Uwshi , in the Charchino Distric and taken to Helmand’s capital Lashkar Gah to be interviewed.

Sources say the girl, who was pictured eating an orange, claimed her Taliban brother had persuaded her to wear the vest - but she failed to blow it up.

In July it emerged that Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan are bribing starving children as young as eight years old to plant deadly roadside booby traps, be decoys in ambushes and even act as suicide bombers.

In a culture where women are expendable and little girls are killed, where death is valued more than life, such atrocities are inevitable. This is the culture of Islam and its spread into the West brings with it these same atrocities.

How long until the UK gets its first 10-year-old suicide bomber?