Liam Neeson Blasts Bill de Blasio's Anti-Horse Campaign

“These animal activists,” Neeson continued contemptuously.


While Bill de Blasio backer Steve Nislick plots to grab the stables once his boy follows through and outlaws carriage horses in Central Park, Liam Neeson visited the actual stables whose "64,000 feet of valuable real estate" Nislick has been drooling over and is plotting to seize under the cover of animal rights.

And taught smirking liberal Jon Stewart a thing or two about horses.

"I was in the stables today and many days over the past few years, I know some of these guys, and I just hate how they’re — the horse-drawn carriage industry is being attacked nowadays,” Liam Neeson said, after host Jon Stewart noted that there are horse stables right behind his New York City studio.

“These animal activists,” Neeson continued contemptuously. “You know, ‘the horses are being treated cruelly because they are pulling a carriage around half a mile.’ I mean, these are the fittest, well-fed, best kept horses I’ve ever seen. I’m a horse rider and lover for many, many years.”

“They are having a good life,” he said. “Have you been in these stables? I would move into them tomorrow. Seriously.”

Stewart tried to push back, suggesting that the horses would probably prefer to run in an open field. But the actor would have none of it.

“Jon, everybody thinks that. Everybody thinks cows in the field want to be running wild and so forth,” he said. “That’s bullshit, Jon. Horses don’t either. These [horses have] been trained for thousands of years. They come from Amish farms. They come into this industry. They work 9 hours a day. Sometimes, they have a holiday for months on these Amish farms.”

“They’ve been there for 100 years,” he concluded. “They are an iconic part of New York. They are an iconic part of Central Park.”

But this isn't really about the horses. Everyone knows by now that NYCLASS had two purposes; getting Bill de Blasio elected and seizing the stables for Nislick once the ban goes through.

The ASPCA shares the same conflicts of interest due to its joint leadership with Nislick's NYCLASS.

“Ed Sayres is both the president and CEO of ASPCA, and the co-president of NYCLASS. In addition to subsequent use of facilities, vehicles, resources and personnel, the ASPCA gave NYCLASS $250,000 at the time of NYCLASS’s founding in 2008,” Mr. Malone said in a statement.

Mr. Malone explained that ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Division oversees and enforces laws pertaining to the horse carriage industry, as required by its NY State Charter and by NYC Administrative Code.

“In my opinion, the ASPCA is not to be trusted,” Mr. Malone said.

This is troubling as hell considering that NYCLASS is acting as little more than a real estate tycoon's eminent domain agency. And the allegations of abuse by the ASPCA get even worse.

Sunday’s New York Post reported that one of the nation’s most venerable animal welfare groups, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, may have suppressed an independent study four years ago that stated the horses that pull carriages through Central Park, and as far as Times Square are well cared for.

The newspaper was quoting Henry Ruiz, a former NYPD investigator who left the department to work for the ASPCA.

The former ASPCA enforcement officer says the document was suppressed because it did not fit the goal of the organization to banish carriage horses from New York City streets.

Moreover, he charges the carriage drivers were subjects of selective enforcement of the law. Despite its stated position of wanting to drive the carriage trade out of business, by New York law, the ASPCA is charged with enforcing animal welfare statutes.

No conflict of interest there. Or with Bill de Blasio. Just business as usual in the corrupt mess that is De Blasio time.

Liam Neeson had written in protest of earlier efforts to ban carriage horses in Central Park.

As a horse lover and rider, I am deeply disturbed by the unnecessary and misguided political and extreme rhetoric against the horse-drawn carriage industry and feel obliged to counter this action.

The horse-drawn carriage business is an iconic part of this city, employing hundreds of dedicated, hard-working men and women, caring for well-bred, well-trained horses and attracting tourists to New York City for over 100 years.

As a proud New York resident, I have personally enjoyed the beauty of Central Park on a daily basis for many years, and these horses are an undeniable integral part of that experience. The notion that a well-nourished horse pulling a carriage through Central Park is considered cruelty may fit in with animal activists' extremist view, but not with the rest of us. Surely we have a responsibility to protect commerce, especially one with such history, and one I truly feel helps define this city. May pragmatism prevail

Pragmatism is of course the oppose of everything that the Marxist mayor of New York stands for.