Liberal Canadian Ex-Defense Minister Says Environmentalist Aliens Will Give Us Free Stuff

Hellyer says that there is a “federation” of aliens


Talk about interstellar entitlements and little green men. And the scary thing is I still don't know who would have made a worse Prime Minister, this guy or Pierre Trudeau.

Hellyer, 90, said he believes there are 80 different species of extraterrestrials, some of whom “look just like us and they could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know if you walked past one.

Hellyer described a cosmos similar to that of Star Trek and says that there is a “federation” of aliens that has a rule to not interfere in our affairs — the same as Trek’s “prime directive.”

But don't assume that the former Canadian Defense Minister gets all his ideas from Star Trek. He also gets some from Star Wars.

Hellyer's concerned that we might truly need a Star Wars capability "if we shoot down every UFO that comes into our airspace."

And just to throw in some X-Files and Sister Act...

Indeed, he claimed that two alien ladies went to Las Vegas to shop dressed as nuns and no one was any the wiser.

That's oddly specific.

In case you feel you might have met one in your home town, some are tall ("Nordic blondes"), some are short ("Short Grays"), and some look like aliens in cartoons.

And some are former Defense Ministers with mental problems.

In previous pronouncements, Hellyer has insisted that aliens know how to make us greener.

He means technologically. That works out since Global Warming is as ridiculous as UFOs and just as scientifically valid.

Microchips and Kevlar vests are two of the other creations that, according to the serious Hellyer, came from outer spatial sources.

We would get a lot more technology from them "if we would go about it peacefully."

Or we could just taser it out of them.

“They don’t want to tell us how to run our affairs, they have accepted the fact that this is our planet, and that we have the right to run it, but they are very-very concerned: they don’t think we are good stewards of our planet, we’re clear-cutting our forests, we’re polluting our rivers and our lakes, and we’re dumping sewage in the oceans, and we’re doing all sorts of things that are not what good stewards of their homes should be doing. They don’t like that and they made it very clear. As a matter of fact, they have given us a warning.”

So they're alien environmentalists. Remember what I wrote about the magical thinking of the left? This is it. And gobs of eco-paganism on top.

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