NBC Blames Bush for Al Qaeda Takeover of Fallujah in 2014

Apparently we're on George W. Bush's fourth term.

Williams pointing bush

Apparently we're on George W. Bush's fourth term. And here I've been making a fool of myself criticizing some Illinois senator for messing up the country. If only NBC News had told me this piece of breaking news sooner.

Introducing a report on Monday’s NBC Nightly News about Al-Qaeda forces seizing control of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, anchor Brian Williams went out of his way to blame the President George W. Bush for the deteriorating security situation: “U.S. fighting forces are gone from Iraq. But as so many predicted when President Bush chose to go to war there after 9/11, the fighting has started up again.”


They predicted in 2002 that the United States would withdraw and that over a decade later, Al Qaeda in Iraq would take over Fallujah? That is some impressive crystal ball work.

But let's be fair here, Brian Williams is a worse anchorman than most of the cast of Anchorman. He's a walking cartoon who probably couldn't find the entire continent on a map without a teleprompter.

The odds are good that Brian Williams had just snorted so much cocaine before the show that he was under the impression that it was still 2006. For all we know he thinks it's been 2006 for the last 8 years.

But it's also a firm tenet of the left that George W. Bush is to blame for everything. Especially if it involves Iraq or racism or NBC's falling ratings.