Left Blames Benghazi on Bush Listening to Them and Freeing Gitmo Terrorist

The Left: "You're raping the Constitution. You're worse than Hitler. Free the terrorists!"

I blame Bush for listening to us I blame Bush for listening to us

It's been a heady few weeks for the left.

Only a few weeks ago they rediscovered that Benghazi had been carried out by a few mischievous boys upset by an offensive YouTube video. Now that the State Department is moving to concede that an Al Qaeda terrorist who had been freed from Gitmo carried it out, they've got an even better talking point.

"Bush did it!"

What did Bush do? He listened to the left. So it's his fault. Not the fault of the left.


Let's recap how all that happened a decade ago

Bush: "We're going to lock up Al Qaeda enemy combatants in Gitmo."

The Left: "You're raping the Constitution. You're worse than Hitler. Free the terrorists!"

Bush: "I can't do that. They might kill Americans."

The Left: "They're all innocent people. You're the one who should be behind bars. We'll sue to free them."

Bush: "Okay, I'll try to free the least dangerous ones."

The Left: "No, you'll free all of them. Right now! You're violating our values."

Bush: "Okay, I freed some more."

The Left: "No! All of them! Right now!"

Bush: "That's too dangerous."

The Left: "The War on Terror is something Dick Cheney made up. The only way to stop terrorism is to free all the terrorists!"


Fast forward to 2014.

The Left: "Bush freed the terrorists. It's his fault."


While obviously Bush should not have let a single detainee out of Gitmo, it's sheer mindblowing hypocrisy for the left to attack him for a course of action that they incessantly demanded, sued and protested over.

Furthermore Bush did not just set Abu Sufian bin Qumu free. He transferred him over to Libya. The Muslim Brotherhood with Obama's support then negotiated a deal with the Libyan government that resulted in an amnesty for Islamist terrorists. The amnesty bit Gaddafi hard when, with Obama's support, those same groups led a rebellion against him.

Abu Sufian bin Qumu would never have been much of a threat to US diplomatic facilities in Libya... if Obama had not engaged in illegal regime change in Libya.

It wasn't Bush who turned Benghazi into a war zone or removed protection from the US diplomatic facility there making it a ripe target for Al Qaeda.

The buck still stops with Obama. Bush may have freed Abu Sufian bin Qumu, but it was Obama who turned Benghazi into a target of opportunity for Abu Sufian bin Qumu.