Majority of Americans Believe Obama Lied about Benghazi

A majority also disapprove of Hillary Clinton's handling of Benghazi


That "hoax" that David Brock and his Media Matters muppets keep yammering about in which four Americans weren't murdered by Al Qaeda terrorists is one that apparently most Americans believe.

Including the mother of Sean Smith and the father of Tyrone Woods.

It might be because the hoax really happened and the only hoax involves Brock and his media accomplices trying to lie shamelessly about it for the sake of Hillary 2016.

 As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton battles new allegations that she only considered presidential politics in voting against the successful surge of troops to Iraq in 2007, the 2012 Benghazi attackcontinues to haunt her, with a new poll finding that Americans believe the administration “deliberately misled” them on the scandal.

A new YouGov poll found that 44 percent of the public believes “the Obama administration deliberately misled the American people” when the president, Clinton, and others suggested the attack was sparked by outrage over a western movie, not terrorism. Some 30 percent said the administration “shared the facts as they became available,” and 25 percent clocked in at “not sure.”

Worse for Clinton, 40 percent in the just-conducted poll disapproved of her handling of the affair. Just 31 percent approved. In addition, 46 percent disapproved of Obama’s handling of the affair.

Fortunately David Brock and Hillary ave time-tested methods for turning this around.

1. Blame a vast-right wing conspiracy

2. Generate a New York Times story claiming that the attack was carried out by local mischievous youths upset over a YouTube video, which gets shot down the week after when the State Department designates an Al Qaeda terrorist as the perp

3. Turn Benghazi into a meme to illustrate how stupid Republicans are for caring about the murder of four Americans

Mission accomplished