San Francisco May Legalize Storing Bicycles in Garages

Plastic bags however are still banned


Between this and drug legalization, it's a banner year for legalizing things. But we live in a strange liberal system where drugs are legalized while plastic bags are banned.

Or maybe that's just California.

Kimberly Conley and Amandeep Jawa don't have a car, so they use their Mission District garage to store their bicycles - in direct violation of San Francisco law.

On Tuesday, Supervisor Mark Farrell will propose a measure to scrap the garage code - but he's not stopping there. This new year, Farrell has resolved to use that website,, to clear any unnecessary laws from San Francisco's books and to tweak laws that need updating.

"We want to make sure that as technology evolves, people's lives evolve with that technology," he said. "We are presenting an opportunity for people to engage with city government in a way that works for them."

Plastic bags however are still banned in San Francisco. Any chance of clearing that insane and unnecessary law from the books?

In the latest legal setback for plastic-bag makers, a state appeals court has issued a ruling upholding San Francisco's ban on single-use plastic bags as a precedent for future cases. The coalition argued that paper bags take more energy to produce than plastic, leading to an increase in greenhouse gases, and also occupy more space in landfills.

Environmentalism sure is a strange and contradictory ideology.