Israeli Leftists Come for Peace Talks, Get Stoned by Muslims

They came in peace. And they learned nothing.

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And it's not the kind of stoned that the Alei Yarok (marijuana legalization party) left favors.

They came in peace. They left with stones. They came to meet ordinary Palestinian Muslims, and unfortunately for them, they found them.

The gathering was to have marked the start of two days of meetings by a grassroots group bringing ordinary Israelis and Palestinians staging together for mock peace talks, organizers said.

Israeli and Palestinian flags were set up in the hotel’s conference room

Palestinians threw rocks Thursday at a West Bank hotel, shattering windows and the conference was cut short and three dozen Israeli participants were rushed out the back door, put on Palestinian police buses and driven to safety, organizers said.

If a bunch of appeasers can't even safely visit a hotel in Ramallah under Palestinian Authority control, how is this peace process supposed to work?

The activists protested against the presence of Israelis in the city, banging on the main gate and chanting, “Israelis out!” Others chanted, “No to negotiations, no to normalization, this homeland is not for sale” and “Our people want RPG [rocket-propelled grenades], not security coordination.”

RPGs yes, peace no. But don't worry, the leftist useful idiots have learned nothing.

Rami Cohen said he felt uncomfortable after the stone-throwing, but expressed understanding for the protesters.

“There is more anger here than in Israel because the Palestinians suffer more than us. One day, I hope it will be safe for us here in Ramallah as it is safe for us in Tel Aviv.”

I would like to ask Rami if there is a single Muslim country on this planet where Jews have ever been as safe from racist Muslim violence as Tel Aviv?

There's an old Jewish joke that unfortunately fits this moment.

In New York there was an old synagogue whose roof was in terrible shape.  The Rabbi got fed up and decided during the next Yom Kippur appeal to convince the congregation to donate money to fix the roof.

The Rabbi started delivering a "fire & brimstone" sermon and banging on the podium, when suddenly a tile fell right on top of the head of a wealthy member of the congregation He stood up and yelled out "Rabbi, I  will donate a thousand dollars to fix the roof".

The Rabbi raised his hands to the heavens and yelled out "Lord, hit him again!!"