Transgender Emir of Syrian Al Qaeda Captured in Women's Clothing

“He shaved his beard and put on mascara and lipstick."



I have no idea if this is true as both sides in the Syrian Civil War are putting out a huge amount of fake propaganda materials.

I don't know why Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani would need to try to make it through Syrian Army checkpoints on the way to Lebanon, of all places, since the Al Nusra Front is doing fairly well and even if his Al Qaeda front group wanted to carry out an attack on Hezbollah, this seems like an oddball way to go about it.

But it's entertaining if true. And also entertaining if not true.

Yesterday, many Arabic-language Internet news websites posted the following pictures, purporting to be of the leader (or “emir”) of the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra ["Victory"] Front, which is in Syria waging jihad.  According to these reports, Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani had managed to pass several military checkpoints dressed as a woman, until he was arrested by the Syrian army in al-Jaswiya, al-Qusayr, in his attempt to flee to neighboring Lebanon: “He shaved his beard, worked his eyebrows, and put on mascara and lipstick till he looked exactly like a woman.”

Not that long ago, Muslim Brotherhood leader Safwat Hegazy was captured in women's clothing. It may be that one reason Muslim leaders are so insistent on full body coverings for women is that it gives them an escape route.