Disabled Family's Health Care Costs Triple Under ObamaCare

"We're looking at a bill of $10,200."


We had to pass the ObamaCare bill to see how badly it would hurt innocent people.

 "We have such a unique family and we've overcome many obstacles," said Ken Davert, who has cerebral palsy. "Now it's a shame that one of the obstacles we have to overcome is our own government."

Ken's wife, Melissa, and the couple's twin children have brittle bone disease and a high susceptibility to lung infections.

"Up until now, our out-of-pocket maximum has been $2,500 combined for both children, which is a lot of money but certainly doable," Melissa said. "Now we're looking at a bill of $10,200 because we can't find a plan with less than a $5,100 deductible for each of our two children."

Their health insurance bill has gone up 300 percent and the family is looking at taking out loans and returning to work while on disability to pay the increased costs.

"Our policy has been slaughtered by this law to where we have nothing," Melissa said.

That's life under Obama.

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