If You Loved All-American Muslim, Get Ready for Beverly Hills Muslims

"A wealthy Muslim family with an interesting lifestyle."

Islamic reality television Islamic reality television

A Sony produced reality show is searching for "a wealthy Muslim family with an interesting lifestyle. It also prefers that the family have a father who is an Islamic religious leader."

Further details from Stephanie Reibel, a minor actress gone over to the casting side of the business, who now works for Atlas Media Corp as a casting director, indicate that they are looking for "an affluent Muslim family in Beverly Hills with an interesting lifestyle for a TV show."

Also they are looking for "southern brothers who are contractors" though it's probably not for the same series.

So we've got a rich Muslim family with an Imam father living in Beverly Hills. It's almost like someone at Sony wants their own Shahs of Sunset but with fewer Jews and gay people.

And an interesting lifestyle.

It seems only fair to help Stephanie out. While none of our candidates live in Beverly Hills, they do live an interesting lifestyle like Egypt's executioner who really loves his job and got started strangling cats and dogs.

And then there's Imam Sa'd Arafat who thinks that women should be honored by being beaten.

And finally there's this debate between an 11-year-old child bride and an Imam who supports child marriage.

Somehow I suspect that Beverly Hills Muslim will be a lot less interesting than this amazing tapestry of diversity.

Islamic reality television is very different than Muslim reality television.