Terrorist Prime Minister Pulled Over by Cops for Reckless Driving, Calls Them Dogs, Demands Apology

One female police officer on the scene was physically attacked


Palestinian Authority Prime Ministers, like Detroit City Council Presidents, are not fans of safe driving.

At around 10:00 a.m., an IDF officer in the vicinity noticed a convoy of vehicles that was “driving at recklessly at excessive speeds and posing a danger to the public.”

Considering the average speed and style of reckless driving in Israel, you really have to be driving insanely to get noticed.

According to Channel 10, the officer added that the convoy was guilty of numerous traffic violations, including crossing a solid yellow line dividing the road. The drivers finally pulled over after the officer tracked them down and signaled to them to stop.

And things went about the way you would expect when dealing with terrorist pretending to be politicians.

One female police officer on the scene was physically attacked by a member of Hamdallah’s entourage.

Muslim terrorists do seem bent on attacking women.

“At this point we learned that it was the convoy of the Palestinian prime minister, Rami Hamdallah,” a police source told Channel 10.

And things just got better from there

Once the officers realized who they had detained, they told him he could continue, but Hamdallah, who reportedly called one of the officers a “dog” who was on “occupied land,” refused to do so until he received an apology, according to sources cited by the Ynet news outlet.

And better...

Hamdallah told PA-based news agency Ma'an via telephone that "settlers and soldiers" stopped his car and tried to force his guards and driver to step out.

He claimed that Israeli soldiers escorted the settlers, who he said had planned an assault against him.

Yes, quite the heroic feat there.

Ehab Bseiso, a spokesman for Hamdallah, said the incident "shines a light on the many violations committed against Palestinians every day".

Like arresting them for speeding.