Islamist Turkey's Gun-Running to Syria Caught in Police Raids

Two senior Al-Qaida suspects were detained.


Now things are getting interesting in the showdown between Erdogan and Gulen for the crown of the No. 1 Islamist in Turkey. Before the raids targeted corruption by Erdogan's cabinet members and their sons. Then Turkish cops began targeting arms shipments to Syria.

Police officers who followed and stopped a truck that was allegedly carrying weapons to Syria have been removed from their positions.

Erdogan's regime then claimed the trucks were full of aid and classified.

Now we're getting into darker territory as the Turkish cops aren't letting up.

Turkish media said police have carried out raids in six Turkish cities, detaining several people allegedly linked to Al-Qaida, including an employee of a prominent Islamic charity.

The aid organization, IHH, confirmed Tuesday that its storage facility near the Syrian border was searched and an employee was detained. It, however, rejected any ties to Al-Qaida and denounced the police raid as an attempt to discredit the organization.

The Turkish Dogan news agency said police launched anti-terrorism raids in Istanbul and five other cities. It said at least two senior Al-Qaida suspects were detained.

The IHH had organized a Gaza-bound aid flotilla which was raided by Israel in 2010. Last week, the group rejected some news reports claiming that it was involved in the shipment of arms to Syria.

IHH is close to Erdogan and with previous attempts to stop trucks carrying arms to Syria. If Turkey's police get serious about exposing the racket, especially now that the Sunni Jihadists are imploding, and tie it to Al Qaeda, the results might be very interesting.

The US and the EU know about it and don't want to hear about it, but it should set off quite a political struggle nonetheless.