Can Anyone Stop Hillary? Why Not? Hillary has Never Won a Competitive Election

If Republicans run a female candidate, Hillary would have no platform,


Can anyone stop Hillary, Time asks? Why not.

Forgotten in the reality distortion field surrounding Ready for Hillary is the simply fact that Hillary has never actually won a competitive election. Hillary's senate seat in New York was handed to her after Giuliani came down with cancer. If he hadn't gotten sick, Hillary Clinton would have tried to be the senator from her native Illinois instead and might have prevented Obama from ever getting started.

Hillary Clinton was so incredibly popular that her otherwise unknown Democratic primary opponent in 2000 managed to take a fifth of the vote.

Dr. McMahon, an orthopedic surgeon, never did get that meeting. But that and a thousand other snubs haven’t stopped Dr. McMahon from pressing ahead with his efforts to ruin the well-laid plans of the entire state Democratic establishment, which enticed Mrs. Clinton to New York on the understanding that she would face no primary.

Very quietly, with no media attention, Dr. McMahon has spent the last few weeks in the arduous and often humbling task of collecting petition signatures in order to qualify for the primary ballot in September. Remarkably, he collected far more than the necessary 15,000.

“I feel like there’s nothing to dig up,” said Dr. McMahon, who is tall and lanky and has the slightly geeky looks of Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean. “There just isn’t a lot. I mean, I have three kids. So what do we do? We go home and rent Tarzan videos. That’s what I do for fun. That’s my fun. Even in college, I never did drugs. I never smoked a cigarette, even.” Dr. McMahon stopped and thought for a moment. “Even now, I drink a beer a month, maybe.”

That guy operating on his own took 18.5% of the vote in the Democratic primary. Then Hillary Clinton faced off against Rick Lazio, a youthful candidate whom hardly anyone knew and who at one point was beating her in polls. When she finally did beat him, after accusations of sexism, it was 55 to 43.

In 2006, Hillary Clinton faced yet another senate primary against an Israeli guy no one had heard of. He won 16% of the vote. In the full election, she faced off against another obscure candidate who said another opponent didn't have a  "Chinaman's chance" leading to accusations of racism. This time around she got her best numbers.

None of those elections were against competitive candidates. A sizable chunk of Dem voters just voted against anyone who ran against her. And when she faced her first competitive race against Obama, a candidate who also up to this point had never been in a competitive race, she lost.

Can anyone beat Hillary? Why not. In 2000 and 2006, she took down weak and obscure opponents with charges of sexism and racism. When she had to face off against Obama, she lost.

The only ticket she's running on is "First female president." If the Republicans were to put up a female candidate, Hillary would literally have no platform, no slogan, no anything.

Take away the "It's time for little girls to have a role model" and "It's time to show a wife and a mother can run the country" spiel and there is nothing in the Hillary box. Zero.

Can anyone stop Hillary? Anyone can stop Hillary.