Ontario Gov Limits Promotion to Employees who "Self-Identify as Black Females"

What about white women who self-identify as black women?


This is obviously meant to cover black men who self-identify as women and exclude black women who self-identify as men. But what about white women who self-identify as black women? Or white men who self-identify as black women?

If we're going to treat basic human biology as a matter of self-identification, why not treat race, which is much more of a construct, the same way?

Obama chooses to identify as a black male. He could self-identify as a white man. Elizabeth Warren tried to self-identify as a Cherokee woman. There are a lot of white aborigines in Australia who self-identify as aborigines and gain the benefits from it.

What exactly is to stop a white woman from self-identifying as black and demanding a promotion based on affirmative action?

TORONTO -- The Ontario government has launched a project to open up promotion possibilities for its employees -- but only those who "self-identify as a black female" need apply.

According to documents obtained by QMI Agency, the Administrative Internship Pilot Program is the first Ontario Public Service (OPS) initiative in "recent history" to target a specific group of employees.

"The purpose of this internship program, which has been developed after considering employees' feedback and OPS employment data, is to begin to increase the representation of black, female employees in functional roles (such as) communications, finance, policy and procurement," a Dec. 5 memo to all Ministry of Government Services employees reads.

However, Gregory Thomas of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation said all Ontarians should receive equal treatment from their government.

But they can. All they have to do is self-identify as black females... and then finally everyone will be equal. And questioning anyone's self-identification or economic policies will be considered a hate crime.