"Ambassador" Caroline Kennedy Already Offending Japan

It's not like she can be fired.


Ambassadorships to major countries and trouble spots were typically given out to professional diplomats. You might send a donor with no diplomatic experience off to play ambassador to Gambia or Cyprus, but not to France or China.

Obama changed that as he changed so many things, dispatching a ridiculously incompetent donor to serve as ambassador to the UK and after failing to make Caroline Kennedy the senator from New York (after some Schumer sabotage and a New Yorker backlash), Princess Caroline had to settle for being the US ambassador to Japan where she's hard at work demonstrating the diplomatic skills that Obama Inc is known for.

Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador to Tokyo, has intervened in the controversy over Japan’s annual dolphin hunts, denouncing them for their “inhumaneness”.

“Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing,” she wrote on Twitter on Friday. “USG [the US Government] opposes drive hunt fisheries.”

I wasn't aware that the US government had a position on drive hunt fisheries. I also wasn't aware that we had a national interest in telling Japan how to fish.

Fortunately Princess Caroline isn't wasting any time on petty local issues like North Korea's nuclear program and she's settling right into the important stuff of pretending that she works for Greenpeace.

It's not like she can be fired. But then again, in true Kennedy fashion, it's not like she ever had a job. This is the closest to it and she's already failing at it.

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