Finally a Hollywood Movie Depicts a Terrorist Sleeper Cell in Dearborn... in a Russian Church

The Midwest-based sleeper agents are activated of their tasks during a reading of Lamentations.


Russian Christian terrorists are apparently a major threat to America. Not only did they kidnap the president in Air Force One and try to detonate a nuke in New York in The Peacemaker, but they seem to be showing more in Hollywood movies as villains after the fall of the USSR, than during the Soviet Union when they actually might have tried to do things like that.

If I didn't know better, I would think that Hollywood had some kind of left-wing agenda. But instead Hollywood is just depicting real life.

Like its attempt to make a Jack Ryan movie not based on a Tom Clancy movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (currently at no. 4 after Ride Along, Lone Survivor and The Nut Job) which depicts the reality of terrorist sleeper cells operating out of Russian Orthodox churches in Dearborn.

A discerning viewer might notice that Russia essentially employs al-Qaeda tactics, of which would be ironic considering al-Qaeda’s affiliates have targeted Russia brutally in the past...

The desire for glory embodied in Cheverin’s evil machinations is colored with religious fervor. The entire operation is called “Lamentations,” and Cherevin asks for Divine favor for his impending plot in prayer during an Orthodox vesper.

The Midwest-based sleeper agents are activated of their tasks during a public reading of Lamentations 2:2 in the local Orthodox parish that the sleepers attend. It reads: “Without pity the Lord has swallowed up all the dwellings of Jacob; in his wrath he has torn down the strongholds of Daughter Judah. He has brought her kingdom and its princes down to the ground in dishonor.”

In the film, the Orthodox Church is a conduit to “bless” and commence Russia’s operations.

To do so, they awake "sleeper agents" in the U.S. by sending a cumbersome coded message through the Russian Orthodox Church... "Slava Bogu!" (thank god)  one sleeper agent exclaims on catching the coded message.

So true to life.

We can't have Muslim terrorists shouting Allah Akbar, but we can have Christian terrorists shouting Slava Bogu! We can't have Muslim mosques depicted as conduits for terrorism. But Russian Orthodox churches are fair game.

The Koran is off limits, but the Bible is just full of terrorist codewords.

And Dearborninstan, ground zero for Christian terrorists, finally gets its due.

It's not hard to see how Paramount screwed up. Instead of working with a Tom Clancy novel, they decided to reboot Jack Ryan as another Jason Bourne. It's not a very logical move and when Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit went up against Lone Survivor, a movie with actual appeal to the Tom Clancy readership, Shadow Recruit sank like a stone.

Shadow Recruit opened in 400 more theaters than Lone Survivor and it couldn't even begin to fill them. While Lone Survivor had a $7,380 per theater average, Shadow Recruit is at $4,600.

The money for Shadow Recruit is mainly coming from overseas... and mainly from China.

This weekend in China, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit had a rare day-and-date opening for a studio film. The Paramount picture grossed an estimated $9.5M to land the No. 1 spot and largely outpace last year’s Jack Reacher, though it opened soft in the States.

I doubt they would have gotten this movie into China if it had featured Muslim terrorists. Especially now. And that tells you all you need to know about where the movie industry is headed.

Shadow Recruit may be no. 4 in America, but it's no. 1 in China.

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