Congressman has Wacky Theory That Kim Philby Might be a Russian Spy

"Joe McCarthy Would Be Proud".


Oh I'm sorry, that should read Edward Snowden, instead of Kim Philby. But let's not jump to any conclusions. Sure Eddie is hanging out in an enemy country with a long history of spying on the United States and his lawyer just happens to be a KGB/FSB man.

But it's still a crazy smear. Or a theory.

Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, doubled down on his theory that Edward Snowden was in cahoots with a hostile foreign government when he leaked the NSA files.

It's a theory when you're leaking the files. Once you've moved into the same place as Kim Philby, it's no longer a theory. Once you...

1. Provide classified information that damages national security to enemies of the United States

2. Defect to an enemy country

... it's no longer a theory. It's not a smear. It's not innuendo. It's a statement of what took place.

You can believe that the NSA went too far in its domestic surveillance, but outside the United States what really mattered were the materials on international surveillance. Particularly in Germany.

Breaking up the US-German relationship is an ongoing project for Russian intelligence. In Moscow, they still miss Schroeder. That's what this was really about. And it's why RT has been pushing this agenda all along. And it's why Glenn Greenwald who supports every Islamic terrorist group on earth, but claims to want a free society, defends RT.

"Mr. Assange says the theme of his half-hour show on RT is “the world tomorrow.” But there is something almost atavistic about the outlet he chose. RT, first known as Russia Today, is an English-language news network created by the Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin in 2005 to promote the Kremlin line abroad... Basically, it’s an improbable platform for a man who poses as a radical left-wing whistleblower and free-speech frondeur battling the superpowers that be," the New York Times pointed out.

Greenwald replied by saying...

Also, while it’s certainly true that the coverage of RT is at times overly deferential to the Russian government, that media outlet never mindlessly disseminated government propaganda to help to start a falsehood-fueled devastating war, the way that Alessandra Stanley’s employer (along with most leading American media outlets) did. When it comes to destruction brought about by uncritical media fealty to government propaganda, RT — as the Russia expert Mark Adomanis documented when American media figures began attacking RT  – is far behind virtually all of the corporate employers of its American media critics.

Then there’s the notion that there’s something hypocritical about Assange’s working for a government-owned media outlet because he “poses as a radical left-wing whistleblower and free-speech frondeur battling the superpowers that be.” Actually, Assange has never presented him as anything other than as an advocate for transparency and adversarial journalism — of shining a light on the conduct of the world’s most powerful government and corporate factions — and if that goal can be fulfilled by using this media platform, how is that remotely hypocritical?

How is it remotely hypocritical to be working for the propaganda of a totalitarian state? Beats me.

Assange's ties to Moscow predate his RT show. We need look no further than the Wikileaks position of Jöran Jermas/Adam Ermash/Jöran Jermas whose original name was Izzya Schmerler, who has played a Russian dissident and a Neo-Nazi, among his many  roles.

Schmerler is mainly known for his clownish anti-semitism which is so over the top that even Neo-Nazis have learned to stop taking him seriously. He was also the Wikileaks link to Russia.

There's no actual leakage here. The only things that get "leaked" are what Moscow wants made public in order to damage intel capabilities and foreign relations. And they are the things that Moscow already knows.

Reason, always the place to find unreasonable hysteria, accuses Mike Rogers of McCarthyism, headlining it, "Joe McCarthy Would Be Proud".

I don't know what a deceased Senator with a mixed track record would make of it, but he probably say, "Duh" once he learned where Snowden was having lunch these days.