Marvel Creates Muslim Superheroine, Muslims Complain She Doesn't Wear Burka

"We don’t want our girls so open to the world."

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I suspect the only kind of Muslim female superhero that would appeal to these people would wear a Burka and spend all day at home encouraging her husband to beat her up.

Some Pakistanis are embracing a new Marvel comic-book superhero modeled on a Pakistani Muslim teenage girl living in the United States as a chance to burnish Pakistan’s image in the West, while others express reservations.

By "reservations", UPI means they suspect it's a conspiracy to make Muslims look bad. The conspiracy would be redundant, because Pakistan does that on its own every day.

There's no point in trying to appease compulsively paranoid people whose entire identity is wedded to a sense of hostility toward the outside world.

The latest incarnation of “Ms. Marvel” — there were two earlier versions — is to hit store shelves Feb. 5. Marvel Entertainment, the creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and other fictional superheroes, announced in November it was introducing Ms. Marvel, whose secret identity is “Kamala Khan,” a 16-year-old daughter of Pakistani immigrants living in Jersey City, N.J., and dealing with life between two cultures.

“It is unrealistic for a girl to be a superhero,” housewife Sanam Iqbal told UPI Next. “The dress Kamala Khan will be wearing doesn’t represent our Muslim culture either.

“I can’t expect that Kamala Khan is going to build our country’s image. I am sure there will be a conspiracy behind this idea, either to disrespect our family values or to damage our religion.”

Hina Gulraiz, a Lahore dentist with in-laws in the United States, said Kamala Khan would create problems in Muslim families trying to follow their normal ways.

“I visit the U.S. often and I am sure that if Kamala Khan’s character hurts our values in any case it will not be accepted. We don’t want our girls so open to the world, because it is against our religion and values,” Gulraiz told UPI Next.

They don't want their faces or mouths open either. It would be quite educational for everyone is Marvel complied and made a "realistic" Pakistani Muslim character, but instead they'll keep on plying the same politically correct "Little Mosque on the Prairie" hoaxes.

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