Insane Scottish Prophet Mohammed Gets Death Sentence in Pakistan

"He was accused of printing cards in the name of the Prophet Mohammed."


Pakistan wants to execute the Prophet Mohammed.

Muslims really seem obsessed with killing prophets. When your religion is based around a warlord who claimed to be a prophet (and occasionally possessed by the devil) you have to protect your religion's patent by murdering all future prophets.

Sixty-nine-year-old British Pakistani Mohammed Asghar was sentenced to death on Thursday and fined Rs. ten lakh on charges of violating the blasphemy law.

That's around $22,000 which I assume will go to compensate the family of Mohammed. The original Mohammed. This must be why Mohammed Asghar decided to claim to be a prophet. With all those Mohammeds running around, it must get very confusing.

Asghar had come to Pakistan in 2010 and he was accused of printing visiting cards in the name of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Police had also seized some letters he had written where he wrote that he was the Prophet. Handwriting experts had testified in court that the letters were written by Asghar.

When asked to say something in his defence, Asghar confessed he was indeed the Holy Prophet.

Well the Prophet Mohammed did have the business cards to prove it.

Wouldn't it be funny if a branch of Islam sprang up around the Prophet Mohammed 2.0 after his death. It's happened before, but Saudi Arabia succeeded in killing Rashad Khalifa in the United States. Bahá'u'lláh of the Bahai religion was nearly murdered, but was eventually exiled to Israel where his followers have a center to this day.

The additional sessions judge had also constituted a medical board to evaluate his mental health and the board had said that he was not insane and in perfect health...

Sure. A guy claiming to be a prophet in a country that kills prophets is sane. The psychiatrist who treated Mohammed (again the latter day Mohammed, though the original Mohammed would have benefited from some anti-psychotics) disagrees.

But what does she know? She's a woman and an infidel.

Mr Asghar's lawyers, Reprieve, said he was sectioned under the mental health act in Scotland in May 2010 and taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Edinburgh. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and kept under observation for over a month. Shortly after his release from hospital, Mr Asghar moved to Pakistan.

His legal team produced an affidavit from Dr Jane McLennan at the Royal Victoria confirming his mental and physical ill health, along with his NHS records.

Maya Foa, director of Reprieve’s death penalty team, said: "One only needs to check Mohammed Asghar’s extensive UK medical records to see that he is a seriously mentally ill man, in dire need of medical care.

He's in Pakistan where the idea of mental health care involves cutting off the head. At least it's better than Somalia's hyena cure.

He decided to return to Rawalpindi where he owned two properties but he found that one of them was being occupied by the complainant, Hafeez Awan, who is alleged to be a member of the land mafia and has several anti-corruption cases against him, the legal representatives said.

Asghar filed a complaint against Awan and then left for Haj. On his return in September, he was arrested on blasphemy charges and all the evidence including the letters, was handed over to the police by the complainant.

Ah blasphemy charges as a form of property theft. The Prophet Mohammed is facing a form of harassment often experienced by Pakistani Christians.

 But his lawyer told the BBC's Saba Eitizaz that she was forcibly removed from the case by the judge and that proceedings were carried out behind closed doors.

Sure, you wouldn't want a lawyer interfering with your Sharia lynching.