Let's Play the Indicted/Not Indicted Game

Aren't banana republics great?


Preet Bharara, Obama's favorite legal troll, fresh from causing the worst diplomatic crisis between India and the United States by strip searching an Indian diplomat, is off again, this time to indict an Obama critic who made a popular anti-Obama movie for campaign contribution fraud.

Now this is the same administration that refused to verify credit card information for its contributions and accepted money from anywhere in the world.

Still, let's play a fun game of indicted/unindicted.

Indicted - Dinesh D’Souza, for an anti-Obama movie and campaign contribution fraud

Released - New Black Panther Party members who practiced voter intimidation at the polls on behalf of Obama

Unindicted- IRS agents who targeted the Tea Party in a scandal that Obama briefly pretended to be outraged by

Accused - Chris Christie for using Sandy funds to promote New Jersey tourism/himself

Shrugs-all-around - Obama for using every White House outlet, every school shooting, every bit of government funding to promote himself

Accused - Chris Christie to shutting down a bridge to punish those who didn't vote for him

No-big-deal - Bill de Blasio for delaying snow removal in a neighborhood that didn't vote for him

Aren't banana republics great?