Pakistan Used Anti-Terrorism Cash to Sacrifice Goats

The four sacrificial goats, plus butchery costs, were listed as “stabbing charges”


The US has given Pakistan somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 billion since September 11. Just a few months ago, Obama Inc. released $1.6 billion to Pakistan. A lot of that money consists of counter-terrorism funding which gets spent exactly the way you expect it to.

One receipt for 70,000 rupees ($700) is itemised as a “Pair of wrist watches for marriage of nephew of minister for interior”.

The counter-terror fund was also used to buy three rugs as wedding gifts for the son of former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf early last year.

A set of 21-carat gold jewellery worth $3,000 was bought for one unnamed individual, while another was the recipient of a $1,500 set.

A handicrafts store in Islamabad was paid some $23,000 in December 2012 for carpets and crafts given to local officials and delegations from the EU, Iran and India.

Alms to the poor and donations of sweets, flowers, and cash to a local Sufi saint were also made from the fund in 2012, the documents show.

Among the more bizarre items paid for from the fund was the $800 cost of four sacrificial goats, plus butchery costs, listed as “stabbing charges”, for the festival of Eid-ul-Azha.

That's probably the innocent form of stabbing charges in Pakistan.

Malik, who as minister was famed for his expensive ties and purple hair-dye, mounted a firm defence of his conduct on Twitter, denying he had used the fund and saying it was “never under the control of the minister”.

Asked why some receipts contained hand-written instructions saying they were the minister's directives, Malik told AFP: “You know how Pakistan works.

Yes we do, which is why we shouldn't be enabling it.