Hire a Saudi Woman, Get Jailed for 5 Years

Fake employment also includes employing women in jobs that are not suitable for them

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You can fake a lot of things. You can fake expensive watches, fake the words if you don't know them and fake it till you make it; but you had better not try to pass any fake Saudi employees around in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has lots of money and its people have the work ethics of drugged hamsters so keeping one on staff with real tasks is a real challenge. But that's the price you have to pay for doing business in a modern and progressive place that forbids women from driving cars.

Employers involved in fake Saudization will face 5 years imprisonment and a fine of up to 10 million riyals, according to a draft regulation prepared by the Ministry of Labor.

Violating businesses will be deprived of recruitment, government loans as well as blocked from participating in government bids and transferring sponsorships, according to the draft regulation, a section of the Arabic press reported on Saturday.

People will be encouraged to report any fake Saudization cases to the ministry by phone or through its website.

The ministry explained that fake employment is where a business enlists a Saudi with the social security body without actually employing him in order to achieve its Saudization quota.

This just goes to show you that foreign businesses would rather face jail time and pay Saudis not to show up, then actually employ them and give them responsible work to do.

In 2011, the Kingdom imposed stricter penalties for failing to meet quotas for hiring Saudi citizens.

The ministry listed various types of fake Saudization, which include enlisting a special needs national without entrusting him with work and enlisting a special needs national who is actually incapable of performing any duties.

Since all Saudis are incapable of performing any duties, this really just is a Catch 22.

Fake employment also includes employing women in jobs that are not suitable for them

Ironically, female Saudis are somewhat more capable of working than male Saudis, which is why you can't hire them. What would be the point of hiring Saudis who actually work?

Fake employment also includes enlisting a Saudi with social security even though he is a government or military employee, and transferring a Saudi from one sector to another for the purpose of increasing the Saudization quota in the other sector.

Also it includes raising Saudis from the dead, because Saudi zombies make somewhat better employees than live Saudis, it also includes hiring listing Osama bin Laden as your Saudi employee. But if your Saudi employee is off Jihading It in Syria, then no one needs to be the wiser.