2 percent of England Doesn't Speak English

More than half of those don't work.

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And half of them don't work. But I'm sure that the cultural riches of beheading people and mutilating young girls that they bring them more than make up for it.

Almost 800,000 people living in England and Wales have little or no English, with more than half not working, official figures show.

A new analysis of findings from the 2011 census shows dramatic differences in the lifestyles and employment chances of migrants with a limited command of English compared with the general population.

Migrants with little or no English are 50% more likely to be unemployed than native speakers and three times as likely to have no formal qualifications.

Significantly the problem is most acute among women. Overall 60% of those living in England and Wales but unable to speak the national tongue are female.

And Muslim female settlers in the UK are also less likely to be educated and employed. Muslim families also prefer immigrant wives for their sons because they are assumed to be more respectable than the local women. Meanwhile nearly 2 percent of the population lives in its world without ever learning English or contributing to society, while milking the natives for free housing, medical care and free everything else.