Muslim Speaker at Holocaust Memorial Day Likes Hitler, Gas Chambers, Killing Jews

"The hour will not come until the Muslims kill the Jews."


Interfaith Holocaust memorial events become problematic when you invite the faith whose genocidal armageddon involves Muslims finding every Jew hiding behind a tree and killing him.

Hassan Farooq is a a “senior member” of the Newham Dawah Team, an East London-based organisation which attempts to spread the message of Islam.

Hassan Farooq was chosen to speak at the 2013 Holocaust Memorial Day event in City Hall, in front of politicians and London officials, including Jennette Arnold AM, Mayor of London Boris Johnson and the former Chief Rabbi  Jonathan Sacks.

Farooq did have some further thoughts on the Holocaust and spreading the message of Islam on Twitter.


Okay, but maybe he's just quoting Hitler without actually liking Hitler.


But Farooq doesn't really like Hitler, does he?


Let's not be Islamophobic though. Maybe Hassan Farooq really likes Hitler's economic policies, not his anti-semitism?


But at least there's nothing Islamic about this lone individual's hatred.


Right, so it's good old genocidal armageddon. Not that Hassan has any use for non-Muslims in general.


Congratulations, the message of Islam has been successfully spread. I think we have next year's speaker on tolerance all lined up already.