33% Rise in NYC Murders Under Bill "Soft on Crime" de Blasio

New York City is racking up almost one murder a day.

*Oct 20 - 00:05*

Who could have predicted that electing a Dinkins aide whose only calling card was viral videos made by his obnoxious son and junkie daughter running on a 70s platform of class warfare, racial tensions and empowering criminals would backfire?

As his first month as police commissioner under Mayor de Blasio winds down, Bill Bratton is already facing some sobering news — a 33 percent spike in murders across the city.

According to the latest statistics released Tuesday, there have been 28 homicides so far this year compared to 21 in the same ­period last year.

That puts the city on course for at least one murder a day.

Last year, the Big Apple racked up 334 homicides in 365 days, the lowest in the city’s recorded history.

“This is the residual effect of de Blasio’s backlash against stop-and-frisk,’’ the source said. “Cops aren’t stopping people and taking guns off the street, which emboldens the criminals,” the source said.

Another veteran investigator agreed, saying, “Cops are reticent about making stops because they don’t want to get punished.”

Police statistics also for the past 26 days — the most recent figures available — show that gun recoveries are way down. There was a drop of 31.1 percent, or 208 guns recovered compared to 302 last year.

As I wrote before, much of the gun violence in America is really gang violence. And if you don't control the gangs, you turn into Chicago. Stop and Frisk was one of the best tools for controlling gang violence and protecting black communities.

Now Bill de Blasio has taken that tool away and violence is on the increase.