Pakistan Health Minister Caused Worst Outbreak of Hepatitis in US History, Blamed Islamophobia

99 people tested positive for hepatitis C and five people died


This is the problem with that whole "Pin a visa on every graduate student" school of thought. Sometimes that visa turns into a bomb. Other times it turns into a Hepatitis C epidemic.

Dr. Tahir Ali Javed is a politician with the Pakistan Muslim League and has been its local Minister of Health and Minister for Special Education, and a member for Protection of the Environment.

Back in America, he's known as the man responsible for the largest Hepatitis C outbreak in US history.

Even as 99 people tested positive for hepatitis C and five people died, Javed faced no criminal charges. And even as old medical records, several of Javed's nurses and several of his victims suggested that the oncologist had long known of the danger — that he had presided over a clinic whose employees repeatedly committed serious safety errors — Dr. Tahir Ali Javed got elected to a new post in Pakistan.

He became a public health minister.

By Pakistani standards, infecting 99 people with hepatitis makes Dr. Javed a leading specialist.

Investigators eventually determined that Evelyn and at least 98 other people had been infected after Javed's nurses repeatedly didn't change the syringe while flushing cancer patients' ports using saline from a community saline bag. Patients told state investigators the saline bag would be clear in the morning, and swimming with pink particles in the afternoon.

Shoddy medical practices, including reused syringes, had earlier been present in Javed's oncology clinic, known as the Fremont Cancer Center, according to an earlier audit done by the Missouri Valley Cancer Consortium. That investigation's results were shared with Javed in 2001, and then became public during the civil litigation that followed the outbreak.

That's standard practice in the Third World. And it's what happens when you use Third World doctors. I've seen this more than once.

But that wasn't all that Dr. Ali Death did.

The Attorney General's Office also accused him of exploiting a patient to conduct a sexual relationship with her. The attorney general alleged that Javed, a cancer specialist, gave the woman a false diagnosis and told her not to seek treatment elsewhere because other providers would inform her insurance company and she wouldn't be able to get insurance again.

Dr. Tahir Ali Javed did have a great defense. All the people infected with Hepatitis C were just Islamophobes.

In Pakistan, Javed became a public health official and reportedly blamed the situation in Nebraska on anti-Muslim sentiment.

It works for terrorism. It works for killing six people with sloppy medicine. They just hate you because you're Muslim.

And then to top everything else off, Dr Tahri Al Javed tried reapplying for his medical license in New York.

Jean Schafersman of Hooper, Neb., whose son was fighting cancer when he was infected with hepatitis from treatment in Javed's clinic, expressed astonishment over Javed's New York application.

“How does that work?” she asked.

As for Javed's apparent desire to practice again in the United States, she said: “Well, I am not too happy about it.”

Obviously another Islamophobe.

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