Saudi Arabia's Islamic Religious Police Hunt Witches on Twitter

Sorcery is no joke in Saudi Arabia

I'll get you and your Twitter account too! I'll get you and your Twitter account too!

Using technology that someone else developed is not a sign of modernity. Saudi Arabia is just another example of how it's possible to have smartphones and skyscrapers and still be barbarians. (via Religion of Peace)

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police authority has decided to launch a war against what it described as vice and sorcery accounts on Twitter inside the conservative Gulf kingdom, saying it aims to destroy all those accounts.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice said it had formed special teams to track those accounts and arrest those who are behind them.

“We will track down all those who are behind these accounts whether they are men or women…we are determined to eliminate these accounts before they become widespread and out of control,” he said.

He said a study conducted in Saudi Arabia showed four in every network users own a Twitter account and that the total internet subscribers in Saudi Arabia are estimated at around seven million, exceeding the combined population of Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

I wonder if Twitter will be cooperating with the Saudi Islamic witchhunters? Sorcery is no joke in Saudi Arabia where the Islamic witchhunters have been known to hand out death sentences.