New York Times Claims Wealthy Leftist Mike Honda is the "Little Guy"

“He bleeds little guy,” Dr. Gerston said.


The New York Times approaches every story with a narrative. And its coverage of 17th district California Democratic primary is no different. This time it's a story about a powerful 1 percenter tech industry pitted against a working class Democratic rep.

At a time when the tech industry has drawn a backlash in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the tech elite are increasingly portrayed as concerned with their narrow privileges at the expense of society at large, Mr. Honda’s supporters have labeled Mr. Khanna a “Silicon Valley groupie” whose wealthy donors are trying to buy a congressional seat.

For his part, Mr. Honda, a former public-school teacher, held several local and state public offices before going to Congress. He is a Japanese-American whose views on politics and civil rights were molded by his family’s internment during World War II. Over the years, Mr. Honda has nurtured many Asian-American political candidates, some of whom are in the 17th District, the first majority Asian-American district in the mainland United States.

Larry Gerston, a political scientist at San Jose State University, said that while Mr. Honda had supported the tech industry over the years, he had defined himself through his passionate campaigns for the poor, public education and civil rights. “He bleeds little guy,” Dr. Gerston said.

Mike Honda's net worth is in the upper six figures. It's safe to say that he doesn't bleed little guy. From 1971 and onward he held a variety of appointed and then elected offices.

And, more relevantly to the New York Times, he's a reliable left-wing vote and shamelessly pandered to Muslims by comparing Japanese detentions to the treatment of Muslims after September 11.

Mike Honda has predictably come out against Israel and for Hamas. If Honda were forced into retirement by the tech industry, that would not be a particularly bad thing, but I'm not too confident it will happen.

Honda has developed deep roots with all the activist groups and they are going to come out in a primary election to support him. Honda might lose a general election, but he's not going to lose a primary which brings out the most fanatical and mindless Dems to tech industry funding with some Obama people.

A Republican candidate, Vanila Singh, an anesthesiologist who, like Mr. Khanna, is Indian-American, is also running in the solidly Democratic district.

Good luck to Singh, who is already being tarred as anti-Muslim.

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