ObamaCare's Insane Race Questionnaire Lists "Singaporean" as a Race

But the best ethnicity yet, may be the Canal Zone.


I don't even understand the process that could have produced something as insane as this race and ethnicity questionnaire which ignores the existence of any and all groups except Latinos and Asians and subdivides them into infinite categories of ethnicity and race.


The millions of Jews don't exist on this list. Neither does the huge Irish-American population. But if you're Okinawan or Iwo Jiman, as opposed to just plain vanilla Japanese, the list has you covered.

The questionnaire insanely lists Singaporean as an ethnicity. I shouldn't be too surprised considering the law is named after a man who thought that Austrian was a language.

Singapore, as we know it, has existed for less than two centuries and consists of Chinese, with some Malays and Indians.

Strangely enough the questionnaire, which takes the time to break down the Japanese into three groups (but excludes the Ainu who actually are another race) doesn't do the same thing for the Chinese, though it does separate out the Taiwanese.

(Get ready for an angry diplomatic protest from the PRC. "There's only one China. We just haven't conquered it yet!)

Moving on to south of the border, there are Mexican-Americans, Mexicans and Mexican-American Indians listed under ethnicity. (No Mexican-Indians for some reasons.)

Are Mexican-Americans a different ethnic group than Mexicans?

Virtually every Latin American country is listed as its own ethnicity. For the Supra-Nationalists of the Hispanic Race, La Raza is listed as an ethnicity, even though its literal meaning is race.

Also Latin American is listed separately as an ethnicity.

About the only mention of Europe is Spain, which gets to be subdivided into the Valencian, Spaniard, Castillian and Spanish Basque. Is this really a major issue for the United States?

But the best ethnicity yet, may be the Canal Zone. The Canal Zone? Yes, because Senator McCain needs his own ethnic group.