Iran Women's Soccer Teams Consist of Men in Hijabs

Iranian sports teams have a lot in common with East German sports teams.


I know men played women's parts in Shakespeare's day, but this is ridiculous.

Iran, despite hanging gay men, is okay with it if the men get a sex change operation instead. While Sunni Islam tends to, officially limit sex change operations to hermaphrodites, the Ayatollah Khomeini was pretty enthusiastic about trannies.

Since Iran kills gay men but allows men to sleep with men if they go the hijab route while repressing women, and has a lot of doctors, it's not hard to figure out what happened next.

Iran now carries out more sex change operations than any country in the world. Iran being a Shiite Islamist totalitarian state, these operations are sometimes compulsory. Yes, compulsory. It's Iran after all.

So to no one's surprise, Iranian women's soccer teams have a lot in common with the plot of comedies from the 1980s.

Footballers in Iran's professional women's league are to undergo mandatory gender tests to establish that they are fully female.

The country's football governing body is bringing in the random checks after it was revealed that several leading players - including four in the national women's team - were either men who had not completed sex change operations, or were suffering from sexual development disorders.

Ahmad Hashemian, head of the Iranian football federation's medical committee, said the clubs themselves were now obliged to carry out medical examinations to establish the gender of their players before signing them on contracts.

"If these people can solve their problems through surgery and be in a position to receive the necessary medical qualifications, they will then be able to participate in [women's] football," Mr Hashemian, a qualified doctor, said in remarks quoted by IRNA, the state news agency.

Ahmad is only barring men who haven't been fully castrated from playing. Once they go through full mutilation, they're welcome on the team.

That means Iranian women's sports teams have a lot in common with East German women's sports teams.

The increasing normalization of the tranny movement means that the whole idea of female sports teams and gender segregated competitions are about over. Paradoxically this means that the left has killed Title IX or at least made it into another weird comedy in which you only have male teams and teams of men pretending to be women.

It took a while, but life is now the plot of Bosom Buddies.