Racist Abortion Liar Claims: "It's Not Just Women That Get Pregnant"

Can liberals please stop the War on Science and the War on Women?

Still less traumatic than this post Still less traumatic than this post

Can liberals please stop the War on Science and the War on Women?

Mikki Kendall is mainly famous for ranting at white liberal feminists on Twitter who aren't allowed to fight back because white privilege. Also she once claimed that an anti-abortion doctor nearly killed her... except it didn't happen like that.

Kendall's antics, which are slightly more sophisticated ways of yelling RACISTRACISTRACIST at liberal white feminists, finally got noticed in a Nation article. NPR brought her on to discuss one of the highlights of the insanity in the original piece.

In January, the actress and activist Martha Plimpton tweeted about a benefit for Texas abortion funds called “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas,” sponsored by A Is For, a reproductive rights organization she’s involved with.

Plimpton was surprised when some offended Internet feminists urged people to stay away, arguing that emphasizing “vaginas” hurts trans men who don’t want their reproductive organs coded as female.

Yes, that's the level of crazy we're dealing with here.

Mikki Kendall explained that in her cultural context her abusive behavior is just fine.

Everyone's coming into this big umbrella from different cultural contexts. Do I think from the standards of my community that I'm a bully? No.

Isn't it great having a society with no common codes of ethics or behavior?

And then relativism got really crazy...

I think that with Martha Plimpton, when you say that you are speaking for all of these women in reproductive health and reproductive justice, then you need to be aware that it's not just women that get pregnant. You need to be aware that vaginas don't get pregnant. Uteruses can contain a baby, but you don't have to have a vagina in order to be pregnant.

Biology just phoned NPR to announce that it's changing its address and moving to Canada.

Can a man have a uterus? In liberalville, the answer is yes because a woman who had herself mutilated due to a mental illness that  causes her to believe that she is really a man can get pregnant and is being discriminated against by an abortion benefit which no longer represents her ability to have an abortion.

Apparently it's now going to have to be A Night of a Thousand Uteri. And that will probably end up being transphobic because men who pretend to be women don't have a uterus... but neither do they need abortions because they aren't women.

Which means you can't call it anything or it'll end up being transphobic because it will either leave out men pretending to be women or women pretending to be men who can no longer line up the right list of body parts.

This is your culture. This is your culture on liberalism.

(Warning: Before you deem this post transphobic, remember that in my cultural context and by the standards of my community, it's completely normal. Isn't moral relativism fun?)