Hillary Clinton Found Murderer of 14-Year-Old Boy Very "Charismatic"

Mandela had participated in the beating, punching the youths with her fist.

winnie mandela

It takes one to know one.

From the Blair papers: "May 15 - HC enthralled by S. Afr. investiture; discussed characters there like Arafat, Aristide, how charismati Winnie is."

How charismatic was Winnie Mandela? Someone ought to ask Stompie Moeketsi.

Stompie Seipei was killed on Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's instructions to prevent the Mandela "crisis committee" discovering how badly the Mandela United Football Club had assaulted four youths they had abducted from the Soweto Methodist Manse, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission heard on Wednesday.
Former club "coach" Jerry Richardson testified that Madikizela-Mandela decided to kill Seipei to cover up what had happened.

The Mandela crisis committee, made up of church, community and ANC leaders, was formed to secure the release of four boys, including Seipei, who were abducted from Methodist minister Paul Verryn's manse in late December 1988.

"I slaughterd him (Seipei) like a goat," Richardson said, as Seipei's mother, Joyce, left the hearing hall in tears.

Richardson said he abducted Seipei on Madikizela-Mandela's instructions after Verryn was falsely accused of sodomising the boys.

He said Seipei was more severely beaten than the other three youths because Madikizela-Mandela accused him of being an impimpi (police informer).

"Stompie was tortured so severely... I could see he would ultimately die," Richardson said.

He said Madikizela-Mandela had participated in the beating, punching the youths with her fist. The youths were later sjambokked and lifted into the air and dropped onto the concrete floor.

A few days later, Richardson and "Slash" took Seipei to the site in Noordgesig they had chosen. Richardson said he had to help Seipei walk because "he was very sick and very weak".

When they reached the site, Richardson said he made Seipei lie on his back and separated a pair of garden shears.

He said he stabbed Seipei in the neck. "I put the shears through Stompie's neck. They went to the back... It was a stabbing motion, not a cutting motion," Richardson said when asked precisely how he had killed Seipei. He pointed to behind his right ear as he spoke.

And then the very charismatic Winnie Mandela also ordered the murder of the doctor who examined the boy she had killed.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela arranged for the killing of a Soweto doctor because she said he ''was disturbing her in her political work'' and offered $8,000 for doing the job, one of the two men convicted in the slaying testified today.

The murderer, Cyril Mbatha, said he and his accomplice had met with Mrs. Mandela at her home, where she told them they would be helping ''the cause'' if they killed the doctor, Abu-Baker Asvat. She then gave them a gun to use, he said.

At one point, a half-dozen of Mrs. Mandela's followers marched into the public hall wearing army fatigues and red berets and sat close to the front of the room. Shortly afterward, Mr. Mbatha's accomplice, Pumlile Dlamini, said he felt too ill to testify. In his written testimony, he too accuses Mrs. Mandela of offering to pay him for killing Dr. Asvat.

The chairman of the commission, Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu, said that fear of Mrs. Mandela could not be ignored and promised police protection for anyone who wanted it.

Most of the day's testimony focused on the killing of Dr. Asvat, which occurred in his clinic. There has been some testimony that he was feuding with Mrs. Mandela when he died. Witnesses have said Mrs. Mandela involved him in a convoluted plan to ruin a young white church minister whose popularity she envied.

In December 1988, she kidnapped four young men from the church mission, supposedly to protect them from the minister. The three who survived said they had been kept prisoner and beaten until they agreed to accuse the minister of sexually abusing them. One of the boys, Stompei Seipei, 14, was later found dead. Mrs. Mandela was convicted of assault and kidnapping in the case in 1991 and received a suspended sentence.

But the Asvat family believes that the doctor was killed because he had examined the boy soon after he had been badly beaten.

You can see why this sort of monster would impress Hillary Clinton.