New York Marxist Mayor's Lesbian Wife Claims Pre-K is the "Defining Civil Rights Issue of our Day"

So we solved all the big stuff. All the civil rights people can retire.


So we solved all the big stuff. All that's left now is universal pre-K and all the civil rights people can go retire and live in Florida.

At least that's what New York City's Marxist Mayor's lesbian wife thinks and if you can't trust the lesbian wife of a Communist on civil rights, whom can you trust?

With his tax hike for universal prekindergarten in serious jeopardy, Mayor de Blasio and his wife ramped up the rhetoric Tuesday, comparing the fight for expanding preschool to the struggle for civil rights.

“Make no mistake, this is the defining civil rights issue of our day,” de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, told 200 applauding African-American clergy members at a Baptist church in Brooklyn.

“Universal prekindergarten and after-school programs are essential to our children’s future, are essential to our future,” she said.

Without universal prekindergarten, we're nothing more than animals, animals crawling on our bellies in the jungle. Only prekindergarten can lift us out of the savage darkness into the light of civilization.

Fortunately, Governor Cuomo has already said he will fund universal pre-k. But Bill de Blasio aka William Wilhelm jr. and his lesbian wife insist that they want to raise taxes to pay for universal pre-k.

Meanwhile, de Blasio said that state Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos (R-Nassau), who strongly opposes the tax, was “denying us our rights in a democracy,” treating New York City like “a colony that doesn’t even get to decide its own future.”

Bill de Blasio just realized that New York City isn't its own state. Now someone has to slowly sit him down, wait till whatever he's on is flushed out of his system and explain to him how cities and states work.

De Blasio and the Rev. Al Sharpton, who hosted the breakfast gathering, then led the crowd in a chant of, “We want a vote! We want a vote!”

You get a vote every election. A lot of Sharpton supporters get three or four.

McCray quoted the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who was close to the church’s late pastor, the Rev. William Jones.

“As Dr. King said, ‘Now is the time to make justice a reality for all God’s children.’ We need this program. We’ve got a plan for the program. So let’s get with the program,” she said.

This is exactly what Martin Luther King had in mind.