Network News Covers Up Party Affiliation of Convicted Dem Criminal Nagin

Nagin is a big believer that climate change is real and our only way out is to stimulate our economy


Just another committed and convicted Democrat whose incompetence was used to smear a Republican president. And unlike Bush, Nagin actually didn't care about the people in New Orleans.

None of the network evening newscasts identified ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as a Democrat when reporting on his conviction of 20 counts of corruption on Wednesday.

The ABC World News called him "the face and voice of a city in ruins" post-Katrina, and joined CBS in simply labeling him the "former mayor" of New Orleans without the Democratic label. As NewsBusters reported last year, all the same evening newscasts dropped the Democratic label at Nagin's indictment.

And back in January, NBC showed a complete double standard by ignoring Nagin's Democratic affiliation while reporting a GOP congressman's resignation amidst scandal. The January 27 NBC Nightly News made sure to label Trey Radel a Republican as he resigned from Congress after pleading guilty to cocaine possession, but simply called Nagin "mayor of the city during Katrina."

The networks joined the USA Today on Wednesday in omitting the party affiliation; last week, the New York Times ran an entire article on Nagin's trial without mentioning Nagin's party.

But somehow if Nagin had been found Not Guilty, he would be a Democrat again. Nagin had been attacking President Bush for not doing enough for New Orleans, while Nagin was stealing during and after the disaster.

The federal indictment accuses Nagin of accepting more than $160,000 in bribes and truckloads of free granite for his family business in exchange for promoting the interests of a local businessman who secured millions of dollars in city contract work after the 2005 hurricane.

The indictment also accuses Nagin of getting free private jet and limousine services to New York from an unidentified businessman.

Flying to Jamaica 82 days after the storm on the dime of a city contractor who is now in jail while people were still trying to get back in their homes, while cops were still finding bodies in cars and attics – the second term was a complete abdication of his duty and a squandering of an opportunity for him to lead. And frankly it probably postponed this city’s recovery for three or four years.”

But Nagin did commit to Green Energy and knew what really caused Katrina. Iraq.

Ray Nagin is a big believer that climate change is real and our only way out is to stimulate our economy by developing and mass marketing green energy alternatives. He is a user at his home, office and drives hybrid cars. During his time as Mayor of New Orleans he pushed innovative green initiatives that included two of the largest LEED certified affordable housing communities in the country. The city also has fleets of biofuel buses and vehicles.

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Mayor Ray Nagin said that the storm was divine punishment for “being in Iraq under false pretenses.”

“This city will be a majority-African American city. It’s the way God wants it to be,” Nagin promised.