Bill de Blasio Unveils Giant $73.7 Billion Budget

Unions are demanding pay raises and back pay that could amount to $7 billion.

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Bill de Blasio's runaway $73.7 billion 2015 budget is a more than $4-5 billion increase over Mayor Bloomberg's already insane $68.5 billion budget for 2014 and $70 billion budget in 2014.

The entire New Jersey state budget in 2013 was $31 billion. The Connecticut state budget was $40 billion. The Pennsylvania state budget was $24 billion.

Bill de Blasio's city budget is bigger than the budgets of the two other states in the tri-state area with a combined population of 20 million people.

Where is that huge pile of money going? Here's a hint.

"Ours is a progressive administration. Our budget will be a progressive budget," Bill de Blasio said. "There is nothing mutually exclusive between being both fiscally responsible and economically progressive."

That was a punchline by the way. You were supposed to laugh.

To see just what a mess progressives have made of New York's fiscal viability, Giuliani's budget for 2000 was $36.7 billion and that was after City Council pressure eliminated most of the cuts.

Unlike Bloomberg, Giuliani had done a reasonably good job of holding the line. His 1993 budget was $32 billion. That's an increase of $4 billion in two terms.

Compare that to Bloomberg's $42.3 billion budget in 2002. By the time he was out of office, it was $70 billion.

But let's try again, where is all that money going?

The unions are demanding pay raises and back pay that could amount to as much as $7 billion.

That would be the same unions who helped put Bill de Blasio into Gracie Mansion, assuming that he and his messed up brood ever move in there.