Muslim Brotherhood R4BIA Protesters in NYC Scream Anti-Semitic Slogans Outside Saudi Embassy

A Muslim Brotherhood speaker demands the liberation of Mecca from the Zionist Saudis.

muslim brotherhood antisemiticm inyc

They've got the R4BIA hand of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist groups. They've got microphones and they're at the Saudi embassy in New York City screaming about the Jews.

It sounds like they're confused, but the Muslim Brotherhood has been screaming about the Jews for almost a century now since Hassan al-Banna's claim that the Jews only understand blood and Sayyid Qutb's "Allah bring down upon the Jews people who will mete out to them the worst kind of punishment, as confirmation of his unequivocal promise."

It's what they know how to do and you can't ask the Muslim Brotherhood, or its front groups like Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights, to go too far outside their comfort zones. So Yahood, Yahood it is.

"Why did you sell Egypt to the Jews," the R4BIA goons shout at the Saudis. Apparently the Jews have taken over Cairo after being expelled from Egypt back in the day.

"Saud, you are dirtier than the Jews," the Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Right shout, who don't look like they've taken a bath in a while.

A Muslim Brotherhood speaker in a Russian fur hat demands the liberation of the mosques of Mecca from the Zionist Saudis. That would be the same Mecca that the Saudis have barred Jews and other non-Muslims from even entering. It's a strange form of Zionism, but who am I to argue with an angry Muslim in a Russian fur hat.

His demand is followed by shouts of Allahu Akbar.

A previous speaker accuses the Saudis of giving $100 million to the "Sons of Zion" who apparently not only run Cairo and Mecca, but also the United Nations.

Oddly enough, the one place that Jews don't control is New York City so that the Muslim Brotherhood's faithful followers are free to scream their slogans in the Big Apple, but not in Mecca or Cairo.