Facebook Adds "Two Spirit" as a Gender Option

Let me skip to the 56th option; "Two-Spirit"


Facebook has added 56 other gender options besides male and female for the politically correct mentally ill. And if you think I'm being too harsh, let me skip to the 56th option.


Yes, Two-Spirit. Because science proves that some people have two spirits inside them.

I rest my case.

There's "Agender, Androgyne and Androgynous." To clear that up, "Androgynes may possess traits that are simultaneously feminine and masculine, or neither." That's also the definition of Androgynous.

"Agender is a term that describes people who lack a gender." This is different from "Neither", "Neutrois", "Non-Binary", "Gender Fluid", "Gender Nonconforming","Gender Questioning" and "Gender Variant." Not to mention "Pangender" and "Transsexual".

The politically correct mentally ill also get to choose from "Transsexual Female", "Transsexual Woman", "Transsexual Male", "Transsexual Man", "Transfeminine", "Trans", "Trans*", "Trans Female", "Trans* Female", "Trans Male", "Trans* Male", "Trans Man", "Trans* Man", "Trans Person", "Trans* Person", "Trans Woman", "Trans* Woman".

"Trans Former" may or may not be a future option.

And for those who really can't make up their mind, there's always "Other".

Just going with "Other" would have saved a whole lot of space, but just imagine what your next census form will look like.

The simplest way to break this down would be, "Male", "Female", "Don't Know What the Hell I Am, Someone Please Enable My Mental Illness and Pretend It's an Identity."

It's a bit long but it covers everything.