Palestinian President-for-Life Will Accept Nothing Less than Destruction of Israel

Each and every one of these red lines blows to pieces anything Kerry was about to propose


I wonder how long it will take Kerry to figure out what Clinton learned, that the more you try to negotiate with the PLO, the more impossible their demands become.

President-for-Life Abbas fired his Western favored PM who was fighting corruption and has escalated his demands with each Kerry effort at negotiating peace. And now his "red lines", his minimal demands, call for the destruction of Israel.

Earlier today, Abbas’s spokespeople in Ramallah announced the PA’s new set of red lines in any negotiated peace settlement. Each and every one of these red lines blows to pieces anything Kerry was about to propose, as it does to the prospects for an agreement between the two sides in general.

Abbas artfully dodges a scenario in which the Israelis would agree to a peace plan and the Palestinians would come under pressure not to derail yet another effort to resolve the conflict.

Abbas demands:

1. a total Israeli withdrawal from all territories that went to Israel in 1967;

2. that Israel complete that withdrawal within three to four years;

3. that the Palestinians not be required to recognize the Jewish state;

4. that east Jerusalem be specified as the capital of a Palestinian state;

5. the release of all Palestinian prisoners;

6. and resolving the refugee issue along the lines of UN General Assembly resolution 194, which in essence means sending those Palestinians claiming to be refugees, not to a Palestinian state, but to Israel, thus terminating the existence of the Jewish state Abbas refuses to recognize.

“Without these principles there can be no just and comprehensive peace in the region,” stated Abbas’s spokesman Abu Rudeineh

Red lines are traditionally the basics. What more would Abbas actually demand? All of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv? And what's left to negotiate?

Nothing. And that's the point.

Abbas is not here to negotiate. He doesn't want a real state. He wants a dysfunctional state of war in which everyone tries to appease him and no one expects him to stop stealing and start running a country. It's the same deal with Karzai in A-stan.

So it seems we can now bid farewell to Kerry’s rather shambolic efforts for reaching a negotiated peace, much of which have been marred by the trading of insults and accusations between the State Department and Israeli politicians, all the while with the EU standing on the sidelines, issuing threats about the repercussions for Israel should talks fail. In fact, earlier today EU parliamentary president Martin Shulz was in Israel’s Knesset lecturing Israelis (in German) on making “painful concessions for peace,” bemoaning the hardships he accused Israel of having inflicted on the Palestinians.

But we can't of course.

American diplomats don't understand the concept of "No Solution" and Euro diplomats are more overt about using this to build up their ties with the Muslim world.

And so this insane cycle of negotiations will continue until Israel breaks them off, with the Pallies making more insane demands and Western diplomats rushing to appease them while blaming Israel.