"I Don’t Think We Should be Tolerating Conservative Views"

West is a close personal friend to Louis Farrakhan


Finally the left realizes that diversity is overrated... when it includes the right.

9/11 Truther Cornel West and conservative Robert P. George visited Swarthmore. And you can guess which of these two men left-wing student activists had a problem with.

Robert George ‘77 and Cornel West’s collection on Monday, hosted by the Institute for the Liberal Arts, culminated a campus-wide discussion on the meaning of discourse at Swarthmore. The Princeton professors, known for their friendship despite of their strongly opposing viewpoints, intended to build community and discuss questions like “What does it mean to communicate across differences regarding what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong?’”

Prior to the event, many students voiced concerns with the College’s choice of speaker in George, who is known for his strong opposition to abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage.

“What really bothered me is, the whole idea is that at a liberal arts college, we need to be hearing a diversity of opinion. I don’t think we should be tolerating conservative views because that dominant culture embeds these deep inequalities in our society. We should not be conceding to the dominant culture by saying that the so-called “progressive left” is marginalizing the conservative,” Erin Ching ‘16 said.

Wait... what?

Erin would like to marginalize conservative views, which somehow represent the "dominant culture" despite being marginalized, but she doesn't want to concede to that dominant culture by saying that conservative views are being marginalized... even though they are.

Also she doesn't think that she should be hearing a diversity of opinions at a liberal arts college.

Despite widespread disagreement with George’s views, students mostly agreed with Cornel West’s remarks, saying he was “wonderfully engaging,” “lovingly intelligent,” and “simply the best ever.”

How awesome is Cornel West? This awesome.

West calls himself a “progressive socialist” and has written that “Marxist thought is an indispensable tradition for freedom fighters.

In 2008 Senator Barack Obama named West to his presidential campaign's Black Advisory Council. West is a great admirer of Obama's former pastor and longtime spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

West is a close personal friend to Louis Farrakhan, among the most influential anti-Semites in America. West served as an advisor to Farrakhan's 1995 "Million Man March."

Simply the best ever.