Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates Murder of 3 "Korean Zionists" in Sinai

Israel attempted to offer aid, but its ambulances were refused access.



The Egyptian authorities have stated that the wave of Muslim terror attacks are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood's official Twitter account certainly sounds like it as it celebrates the murder of three Korean tourists.

The Korean tour bus that was bombed originated from Egypt and was coming from a Greek Orthodox monastery but headed into Israel. The Twitter link goes to a Brotherhood article ridiculing attempts by the Egyptian government to encourage tourism demonstrating the motivational linkage between the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorists.

Security sources in Egypt say that the bomb was meant to explode at the crossing between Israel and Egypt which may explain the Muslim Brotherhood's Zionist crack. The MB was reacting prematurely to the attack that was supposed to happen, rather than the one that actually did happen.

The bomb may have gone off earlier because the driver, who was killed in the explosion, had taken a detour and stopped off at a coffee shop.

Israel attempted to offer aid, but its ambulances were refused access.

An explosion ripped through a tourist bus near a border crossing between Egypt and Israel in the Sinai Peninsula, killing at least three South Koreans and the Egyptian driver, security officials said.

The security officials said the source of the explosion was not clear, but they believe it was either a car bomb or a roadside bomb that was detonated by remote control.

Rescue workers found three bodies at the scene of the attack and the badly burnt remains of one or possibly two other people, said Khaled Abu Hashem, the head of ambulance services in southern Sinai.

Almost all 33 passengers on the bus were wounded by the explosion, with 12 suffering serious injuries. The wounded were being treated in hospitals in Taba and the coastal resort towns of Nuweiba and Sharm al-Sheikh to the south on the Red Sea's Gulf of Suez.

The security officials said the bus had arrived at the Taba crossing from the ancient Greek Orthodox monastery of St. Catherine's in central Sinai. The journey, they said, originated in Cairo, Egypt's capital.

But simply crossing into Israel makes them Zionists according to the Muslim Brotherhood.