Everyone in the Middle East Hates John Kerry

It's a tribute to Kerry's diplomatic acumen that he managed to alienate everyone in the Middle East.

Israelis, Palestinian Arabs, Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians may not be able to agree on all that much... but they all agree on hating John Kerry.

Whether you're Jewish, Christian or Muslim, the one thing that brings you together is hating John Kerry.


Here are Egyptians burning pictures of John Kerry depicted with a Muslim Brotherhood beard.


Here are Israelis protesting John Kerry's pro-terrorist policies.


And declaring him persona non-grata in Israel.


Here are Jordanians protesting against Kerry. Ironically they're from the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a group that Obama has recklessly pandered to.


And here are Palestinian Arabs protesting Kerry.



Considering how recently Kerry took the job, it's a real tribute to his diplomatic acumen that he has managed to alienate so many people and make so many sides in the Middle East hate him.

Perhaps Kerry really will bring peace as the different sides find a common point of agreement on opposing him.