Bill Nye the Science Guy Confuses Arctic with Antarctic at Global Warming Debate

Arctic, Antarctic, who cares? The science is settled.


Arctic, Antarctic, who cares? The science is settled. Just look at this hockey stick. So what if it's really a baseball bat. The science is settled, I tell you. We settled it one weekend and now it's settled for good.

At 8 min. 30 seconds in, Nye holds up a picture of Arctic and asks: 'Would you say that the Antarctic has less ice than it used to?'

Climate Depot's Answer: NO! See: Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is on track to have highest minimum in modern satellite era! – ‘Sea Ice Extent is 27.4% above normal as of Feb 7 2014′

Er, Bill, that graphic you’re holding up is one of the Arctic, and not the Antarctic. Nye doesn’t even know north from south!

And concerning global sea ice, today it is at near normal levels. Nye cherry-picking the single data-point of September 2013 at the single location of the Arctic is not a persuasive argument – never mind him using the wrong chart.

This is why treating a creepy kids' TV show host like a science expert is a bad idea, but we live in liberal mediaville where no errors by progressives ever get acknowledged.

So Time Magazine headlines this embarrassing performance as "Bill Nye Scolds GOP Congresswoman On Global Warming".

“Neither (Bill) nor I are climate scientists. He is an engineer and an actor, I am a member of Congress. And what we have to do is look at the information that we get from climate scientists,” said Rep. Blackburn.

Bill Nye responded harshly to the congresswoman.

“We have overwhelming evidence that the climate is changing. That you cannot tie any one event to that is not the same as doubt about the whole thing,” said Nye. “There is no debate in the scientific community. I encourage the congresswoman to really look at the facts. You are our leader. We need you to change things, not deny what’s happening.”

Yes Marsha, please change the Arctic into the Antarctic. Immediately. There's no point in denying that the Arctic is really the Antarctic. Just change it immediately. A guy who made faces on TV for a few years told you so.