Obama Appeases Iran by Removing US Carrier from Gulf

When Iran says "Jump", Obama asks "How high".


These are the wages of the left's attitude that our enemies hate us because we provoke them. Obama can't show strength to anyone except allies. Instead he appeases enemies in the hopes of undoing their hatred.

He ought to ask himself whether his own resentment of the United States can ever be appeased even with the highest office of the land in his possession, ruling by pen and phone. And if not, how is Iran's hatred ever going to be appeased by weakening the United States even more?

The U.S.’s lone naval carrier in the Persian Gulf has spent more time outside the region than in — primarily due to the Obama administration’s willingness to bend to Iran’s will in order to ensure a successful nuclear deal, a military analyst suggested.

According to data compiled by the Hill, the U.S. Navy maintained a two-carrier presence in the region in 2010, due in part to Iranian threats to close the Strait of Hormuz. But the Pentagon’s budget cuts forced one of the carriers to exit last year.

The Hill conducted an analysis of America’s naval strength in the area and found that the USS Harry Truman — the sole carrier for the last year in the area — has actually spent more hours sailing waters outside the Persian Gulf than inside it during the past six months.

The Hill gathered its data about the reduced carrier strength from public information posted by officials on Facebook. It found that the Truman spent 101 days inside the Gulf of Oman and the North Arabian Sea between August 2013 and January 2014.

During the same period, the Truman only spent 45 days in the Persian Gulf and another 11 days in transit or in unknown spots — a marked difference from what The Hill found for the same time period a year earlier, when two U.S. carriers were located squarely in the region.

When Iran says "Jump", this administration is halfway to the ceiling before it remembers to ask "How high".