Iran Supreme Leader: "Nuclear Talks Will Lead Nowhere"

Barack Obama has put the chances of an agreement at “50-50,”


Iran is clearly committed to the whole denuclerarization process which is why its leaders keep threatening to nuke America, vowing not to dismantle their nuclear program and announcing that the talks are going nowhere.

Iran’s top decision-maker Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Monday his country’s nuclear talks with world powers will “lead nowhere,” pouring cold water on the negotiations.

Iran is due to resume talks on Tuesday in Vienna with the P5+1 major powers — Britain, France, the United States, Russia and China plus Germany — aimed at reaching a comprehensive accord on its controversial nuclear program.

After a decade of failure and rising tensions, US President Barack Obama has put the chances of an agreement at “50-50,” while Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has predicted “difficult” discussions.

“Some of the officials of the previous government as well as the officials of this government think the problem will be resolved if they negotiate the nuclear issue,” Khamenei said in remarks published on his website

“I repeat it again that I am not optimistic about the negotiations and they will lead nowhere, but I am not against them,” he added.

The Ayatolleh Khamenei, who actually runs the country, is not optimistic because what he wants out of the talks is

1. Iranian nukes

2. No sanctions

3. The destruction of America

He's getting 2 out of 3 already by just playing for time until Iran can go nuclear.