71% of Obama Voters Regret Voting for Obama

...but the vast majority of them would still vote for Obama again.


Update: YouGov apparently mislabeled its poll headers so ignore anything related to the regret question.

71% of Obama voters regret voting for him, but since we are talking about Obama voters, a group slightly less intelligent than crispy fried crustaceans, the vast majority of them would still vote for Obama again.

"Do I regret jumping off that cliff? Yes. Would I do it again, also yes."

Over seven in 10 Obama voters, and 55 percent of Democrats, regret voting for President Obama's reelection in 2012, according to a new Economist/YouGov.com poll.

The poll asked those who voted for Obama's reelection a simple question: “Do you regret voting for Barack Obama?” 71 percent said yes, 26 percent no.

— 80 percent of whites said yes, 61 percent of blacks said no. 84 percent of women said yes, and just 61 percent of men agreed.

— 55 percent of Democrats said yes, as did 71 percent of independents.

Incidentally 100 percent of Republicans who voted for Obama regret their vote, but 50 percent of them would still vote for Obama again.

Regrets are highest among women who have been clobbered with ObamaCare and higher among Hispanics than even Whites. The Midwest and the West regrets voting for Obama the most. The Northeast and the South regret it the least.

Slightly fewer black Obama voters than white Obama voters would vote for him the second time around. Only 64% of Hispanic voters would, so to the extent that there is a newsworthy shift, it's that Latinos are abandoning Obama. But that shift was reported on before.

Republicans probably attribute it to amnesty, rather than a bad economy, even though it's the job situation that is the real issue.

Only 89 percent of white Romney voters would still vote for him, but 100 percent of black Romney voters would. So would 100 percent of Hispanic Romney voters. That's interesting because it shows that black voters on both sides of the aisle are less likely to change their minds.