Salon's Professor Crunk Claims White-on-Black Murder Wave in Florida

"Why do black people owe the nation the safety of our reasonable, rational, nonviolent responses?"


Salon Magazine, once vaguely relevant now a student paper for aging academics obsessed with politically correct nostrums, becomes more of a joke every week. As you might expect of a student paper, it has Professor Crunk, aka Brittney Cooper, who calls herself a "Next Generation Black Intellectual".

Here is what the "Next Generation Black Intellectual" has to say.

Black being is the problem. Not black thuggery. Black boys officially exist in a state of social death, because the law continues to tell us that their lives, when taken by white men, are legally indefensible. They have been rendered by the law dead men walking. It’s no wonder then that in so many places they act like it.  White thuggery, meanwhile, marches on, mowing down black folks at every turn, white sheets, sight unseen.

Many white folks believe that black criminality has produced white fear and that white fear in the presence of black masculinity is therefore always justified. But the opposite is true. White anxiety and fear and racism have produced the myth of pervasive black criminality.

Intraracial black violence is a problem, but white racism has produced the concentrated structures of poverty and lack of access to education that give rise to violent behaviors.

So black violence was produced by white racism. And white people being afraid of black violence is racist since that just causes black violence which white people shouldn't be afraid of... or there will be more violence.

Also poverty and not enough free education and affirmative action scholarships and free stuff.

So is there a wave of white people murdering black people? The national inter-racial crime stats suggest otherwise.

Over the past 30 years, black-on-white murders rose from 6 percent of all homicides to 8 percent, according to a study of 550,000 homicide reports assembled by Scripps Howard News Service from FBI and local police reports. White-on-black killings rose from 3 to 4 percent.

Meanwhile in Florida, specifically, in 2012, 362 black people and 344 white people were arrested on murder charges. Now we all know that statistics are racist, all justice systems are biased and etc, but those same stats also show 1,729 white people arrested for sexual assault and 968 black people, so that's a pretty specific bias.

(Considering that Florida is only 17% African-American, that 968 number is still really high). So it's still entirely reasonable for white people to be afraid of a racist crime wave, not the other way around. Sorry Dr. Crunk.

Even if there were no black male criminals, to riff on professor Hortense Spillers’ work, they would have to be invented.

"I'm not saying training camps don't exist, but if they didn't, you'd invent them." Barry, Four Lions.

The question is how should black people respond? Having seen a lot of violence in my childhood, I’m a deep believer in and practitioner of nonviolence. But in the face of unreasonable violence toward our children, why do black people owe the nation the safety of our reasonable, rational, nonviolent responses?

Wait... so up till now it's been rational non-violent responses. But violence begets violence. So do threats of violence. You don't get to threaten violence and complain that fear of your violence is racist.

You can pick one or the other, but not both.