PBS Broadcasts Anti-Israel Claims from Writer Who Thinks Jews are Space Lizards

We see them here as the descendants of the reptilian race that landed on our planet…

alice walker That's not a figure of speech. We're talking about actual space lizards. Or imaginary space lizards invented by a famous schizophrenic who also believes that the moon is an evil hologram. The writer we're talking is Alice Walker who is ridiculously bigoted. And I do mean ridiculously.

Walker, the ADL statement went on, “suggests that Israeli settlements are motivated by the concept that ‘possession is nine-tenths of the law,’ which she claims is a lesson she ‘learned from my Jewish lawyer former husband. This belief might even be enshrined in the Torah.’” A meeting she describes with an elderly Palestinian woman in the territories is telling about the impetus behind Walker’s hostile attitude towards Jews and Israelis. The woman, upon accepting a gift from Walker, says “May God protect you from the Jews” to which Walker responds, “It’s too late, I already married one.”

So yes, Alice Walker hates Jews, possibly because she hates her ex, possibly because she thinks they're space aliens... because among other things, Walker is a fan of David Icke. And Icke believes the world is run by space lizards who have a moon hologram to conceal their base.

In the 750-page tome, Icke describes how the human mind is controlled from the moon. The moon, he claims, is actually a “gigantic spacecraft” which sends us a “fake reality broadcast”. In posts on her website, she compared the former footballer to Malcolm X and described Human Race Get Off Your Knees as “the ultimate reading adventure”. Despite bemoaning the fact she didn’t have the scientific brain to fully comprehend it, she “felt it was the first time I was able to observe, and mostly imagine and comprehend, the root of the incredible evil that has engulfed our planet”.

But this is just a harmless eccentricity... right?

Earlier I wrote that David Icke reminded me of Malcolm X. I was thinking especially of Malcolm’s fearlessness. A fearlessness that made him seem cold, actually, though we know he wasn’t really. All that love of us that kept driving him to improve our lot; often into quite the wrong direction, but I need not go into that. What I was remembering was how he called our oppressors “blue eyed devils.” Now who could that have been? Well, we see them here in David Icke’s book as the descendants of the reptilian race that landed on our sweet planet… My partner and I go around saying Oh, Chitauri, whenever we get a glimpse of one or two of the Chitauri offspring, aka Illuminati bloodline families and their puppets, on the telly.

Given this kind of deep thinking, PBS' American Masters decided to do a tribute to Alice Walker while letting her rant about the Illuminati Chitarui Jews.

The Public Broadcasting Service Master's Series broadcast "Beauty and Truth" on Feb. 7, is a much publicized paean to Alice Walker... A review in the Feminist Wire describes how "In Walker’s life ... beauty exists within a mosaic of truths alongside rabid institutional racism, patriarchy, misogyny, colonialism, heterosexism, and so much else."

All of which are caused by the space lizards. And Israel.

Toward the end of the 83 minute program, Walker discusses her adoption of the Palestinian cause. She planned to participate in the Gaza Flotilla in 2011, a show of support for Hamas-ruled Gaza. Walker compares the plight of the Palestinians to the black civil rights movement in the South, except in her opinion, Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is "worse." While other controversial aspects of Walker's life, like her estrangement from her daughter, are candidly discussed in the PBS film, her denunciation of Israel's "apartheid" wall and claim that the Palestinians are "just daily humiliated... ground in the dirt," are aired without any pushback or scrutiny of the validity of such accusations. The American Masters series has substantial support from Jewish donors. One wonders what these donors think about how PBS is using their financial gifts.

Let's ask the space lizards.