Hamas Warns Kerry's Peacekeepers Will be Targeted for Terror Attacks

Kerry's Peace Plan would lead to another Iraq


What that really means is that Kerry's Peace Plan would lead to another Iraq the way that any peace plan that calls for international forces being deployed to keep the peace will.

International forces on Israeli borders have no function except to run away when the first shots are fired. An international force that actually tried to do its job in the face of opposition would get pounded by terrorists the way that the US Marines in Beirut were.

Hamas is already announcing that any international forces would not only not be represented by the Muslim Brotherhood terror group, but stated that they would be attacked.

“Any foreign military force that will be deployed to safeguard an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement would get the same treatment as [Israel's] occupying forces,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said Friday. Hamas relentlessly seeks to attack Israeli forces, carries out terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, intermittently fires rockets at Israel, and is currently engaged in improving its rocket capabilities and preparing for future rounds of conflict with Israel.

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas floated the NATO suggestion in a recent interview with the New York Times, where he said he would agree to let Israeli troops remain in the Palestinian state for a transitional period of five years. Abbas said that after that five-year transitional period, Israeli forces could be replaced indefinitely by an American-led NATO force, with troops throughout the territory.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long-opposed putting Israel's security into the hands of foreign forces.

Most NATO countries would not have much interest in diving into another Afghanistan. Once that happens, they would just pull out. Americans would have equally little enthusiasm for staying around.

Hamas will eventually take over the entire Palestinian Authority. It hasn't done so yet for two reasons. First because the Palestinian Authority hasn't extracted the maximum amount of concessions from Israel. Two, Israel would intervene.

NATO forces would also be a magnet for Al Qaeda which is operating in the area. So it's a terrible idea.