Afghan Muslim Stabs Polish Wife to Death After She Refuses to Wear Hijab

"You must come back and if you do not I will take this knife and kill you."


It all comes down to power. And the consequences of Muslim migration to Western countries. The more Taliban move to the UK, the more honor killings there will be.

Farhad Sarfi, 23, is on trial for murdering Polish national Orina Morawiec, 21, at their flat in south-east London in August last year.

The Old Bailey trial was told that he stabbed the former Marks & Spencer shop worker in the neck and chest multiple times and with such force that the knife ruptured her heart and penetrated through to the bone.

Opening the prosecution case, Zoe Johnson QC said Morawiec had become infatuated with the defendant after they met at Lewisham College where she studied tourism and administration.

When they married in 2012, she wore a headscarf and pledged to convert to Islam, the jury heard. But the relationship turned volatile and they argued over her makeup and clothing.

In May last year, Morawiec told her mother that she had tried to leave the flat and her husband leaned out of the window and shouted: "You must come back and if you do not I will take this knife and kill you." By the time of her murder she had told Sarfi she wanted a divorce, the jury was told.

Sarfi had been denied asylum in the UK but after the wedding his status changed and he could stay as a spouse of the European national. Johnson told the jury: "If Orina had divorced the defendant he would have to leave this country or apply in his own right for leave to remain. The prosecution suggest this may be a reason why the defendant became angry with his wife and killed her."

On the day of the murder, on 14 August, the victim's mother, Anna Morawiec, raised the alarm because they had been due to go swimming together. That evening an officer kicked in the front door and found the body of Morawiec in a two-piece swimsuit on a sofa bed in the couple's living room.

The swimsuit may have been the trigger for the fatal assault. If Orina was refusing to wear a Hijab, the swimsuit would have been the last straw on the camel's back.